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A new year and new plans (1/14/16) 

   There are some big things on the calendar for us this year. The first thing to tell you all is that we have been locking ourselves away over the last few months to write. It has been 3 years since our last album and we figured it was about time to hit the workshop again and get you guys some new music. We are about 8 songs in and going strong. We hope to have a few ready to try out this march for our string of St. Patrick's Day shows. 
We have many shows planned in the coming months in places like: 

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Quick Monthly update(April)! 

Hey Guys,

Giving all you guys a quick little update with a new show we are partaking in May 9th! Flyer below. Also a fun little throwback picture.
                                       (click the link to see the flyer)


                                              Cornerstone 2005


Welcome to the new site!  

Hey guy!
    WELCOME TO THE NEW SITE!!!! After a long and epic struggle with our old site, we decided that we were well over due for a new look. Things have been going along nicely for us and we are excited to be playing some amazing shows this year. We have a trip scheduled for California in Sept. to a festival called get Shamrocked fest. Check out their site at www.getshamrocked.com. We are excited to be meeting up with a few of our favorite celtic bands from all over the world at the festival. We will be…Read more

November 2013 Update 

Hey everyone!!!

This update has been a long time coming! Sorry for the lack of updates this past year. We have had a lot of things come up that we as a band felt we needed to step back and deal with. There has been a lot of rumors going around that Flatfoot broke up and that we were not around anymore. Let’s just set the record straight, “WE ARE STILL HERE!!!!!”

We are ramping up for a weekend of shows this coming weekend (11/8, and 11/9) in Cleveland and Detroit. We are also looking forward to our trip…

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Flatfoot 56 Releases New Album – TOIL 

Flatfoot 56 Releases “Toil” Today on Paper + Plastick Records, Album Streaming on Label YouTube Page

Flatfoot 56’s Toil is out today via Paper + Plastick Records. It can be purchased in the Paper + Plastick webstore on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. There is a package that also comes with baseball cards and a baseball pennant.

Toil is streaming in its entirety in a playlist on Paper + Plastick’s YouTube channel. Stream it here and you can embed the stream to share with your readers!

Reviews have begun…

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Flatfoot 56 has released a surprise, unannounced 3-song EP on iTunes only this week. The ‘I Believe It’ EP includes the first single from the band’s upcoming full-length, Toil, along with two B-sides. Also, this week, the EP was featured on Spotify and the band gave away the single ‘I Believe It’ for free download for a limited time. The tracklisting for the EP can be seen below.   “Cotton Fields” is a cover song, originally written in the 1940s and famously covered by Creedence Clearwater Revival in… Read more


To get ready for the release of the next album ‘Toil’ in July, Threadless and Flatfoot 56 have teamed up to let the community design their next great t-shirt!! The challenge is to channel the music of Flatfoot 56 and design a t-shirt to be worn by both die-hard fans and new fans to their music. So check out their past three albums for inspiration or download their new single from their upcoming album, and get started! The winning design will be chosen the week of June 26 and the winning designer will win a… Read more

Flatfoot 56’s ‘Black Thorn’ Among Eternal Rebel Gavin McInnes’ 7 Life-Changing Records 

TAKEN FROM SPIN MAGAZINE: http://www.spin.com/articles/eternal-rebel-gavin-mcinnes-7-life-changing-records

March 26 2012, 1:01 PM ET
by David Marchese

As one of the founders of the Vice publishing empire, Gavin McInnes has had a hand in defining a certain type of irony-drenched, filthy-minded, urban-hipster attitude. Since parting ways with Vice in 2007, the Montreal-bred, New York City-based provocateur has taken his sardonic sensibility to the fashion, politics, and dick jokes Street Carnage website and…

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Photo by Chad Sengstock – ishotphotography.com

Chicago, IL — January 27, 2012 — After spending almost a month in the sanctuary of Matt Allison’s legendary, Chicago-based Atlas Studios, FLATFOOT 56 has finished the recording stage of its still-untitled new album. The Celtic punk group recorded with Johnny Rioux (of Street Dogs, Social Distortion and Bruisers fame).

“Recording with Rioux was awesome,” said guitarist/vocalist Tobin Bawinkel. “He coaxes us out of our comfort zones and inspired us to write…

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Paper + Plastick Records is proud to announce it will be releasing the fourth label-backed full-length from Celtic punk band Flatfoot 56. The band will be heading into the studio to record their new record in January. To celebrate the announcement, head to www.paperandplastick.com/flatfoot56 to download a free Flatfoot 56 cover of an old folk/gospel song called “I’ll Fly Away,” originally written by Albert E. Brumley. The track is a preview song and will not be included on the new record. “After seeing the… Read more


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This is a festival. We play Saturday with GBH and The Casualties.